RADIUSaaS V1 to V2 Migration

This page is a Step-by-Step Guide on how you can migrate your RADIUSaaS V1 instance to V2.
If you are using RADIUS-as-a-Service V1 currently, you have got the most stuff done regarding WiFi- and profile setup for your clients. We will install the same Server Certificate on the new instance which your clients already know so you do not have to redeploy any new profiles.
If your WiFi infrastructure supports RadSec, you should consider to migrate that too. How to connect your WiFi infrastructure with your RADIUS instance is described here and here
If your WiFi infrastructure does not support RadSec to the following:
  1. 1.
    Add a Proxy to your instance
  2. 2.
    Tell your RADIUS Server which certificates are allowed to connect as described here
  3. 3.
    Set the IP address of your Proxy, the shared secret from your Server Settings page and the authentication port 1812 as primary authentication server.
Leave the old instances as secondary and third fallback server intact, so if your configuration does not work initially, your clients will still be able to authenticate.
Once you are able to see successful authentications to your V2 instance in the logs, disable or remove the IP addresses from your RADIUS Server lists.
A day or week later, after everything is working stable, please inform us, that you have successfully migrated and that you do not need your V1 instance anymore so we can start disenrolling it. If we do not see any new incoming requests to your old instances for a certain period, we will then finally disable it.