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Authentication Frequency

How often is a device typically authenticating against RADIUSaaS?

This is difficult to answer as it depends on the behavior of your users, clients and networking gear (APs, NACs, switches). Additionally, it is important to note that RADIUSaaS will neither
  • trigger an authentication, nor
  • send a termination request via its accounting port to the client, potentially triggering a re-authentication.
If you feel your devices are authenticating very frequently (multiple times an hour) without the user constantly restarting the client, then this could be for the following reasons:
  • The network controller doesn't authenticate the client fast enough for the client to join the network, so the client attempts to authenticate again. Check the network controller to see if/when it is receiving an answer from RaaS.
  • The network controller is re-initiating authentication. Check the network controller for what might be causing this.

RADIUS Return Attributes

In case you require other VLAN attributes than returned by default, please contact our support.