Getting Started

Our Getting Started Guides provide step-by-step instructions on how to configure RADIUSaaS for your environment.


Let's start with some essential questions:

General Structure

Below diagram details the generic setup procedure as explained in our guides below. The linear procedure forks depending on whether your network equipment supports RadSec natively or RADIUS only. Thus, in case you have requirements for both (e.g. due to a heterogeneous AP and/or switch fleet), both configurations must be completed.

Besides our Generic Guide, we have prepared Scenario-based Guides describing how RADIUSaaS can be configured for certificate-based WiFi authentication together with popular Cloud PKI solutions:

  • RADIUSaaS with SCEPman

  • RADIUSaaS with Microsoft Cloud PKI

Generic Guide

pageGeneric Guide

Scenario-based Guides

pageMicrosoft Cloud PKI

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