Sophos UTM

The Sophos appliance does not allow to assign different RADIUS servers to different SSIDs. So be aware of that if you are migrating from a onPremises RADIUS server to RADIUS-as-a-Service. May talk with our support team to plan your migration.

Sophos Configuration

RADIUS Profile

Please go through the following steps and configurations to create a RADIUS profile:

  1. In Sophos navigate to Definitions & Users and select Authentication Services and select the tab Servers

  2. Click New Authentication Server

  3. Fill the forms with all your information

SSID Configuration

Perform the following steps and configurations for SSID:

  1. Navigate to Wireless Protection, select Global Settings and go to the tab Advanced

  2. Select the created RADIUS profile

  3. Then navigate to your SSID settings which can be found under Wireless Protection > Wireless Networks

  4. Create a SSID with the Encryption Mode, WPA2/WPA-Enterprise