Log Analytics


To ingest RADIUSaaS logs into an Azure Log Analytics Workspace, please make sure that a workspace was already created and that you have the following required values available:

  • Customer ID

  • Shared Key

  • Event Name

Configuration Steps

Follow these steps to add a Log Analytics export target:

  • Navigate to your RADIUSaaS Admin Portal

  • Click + Export Target

  • Select Azure Loganalytics Exporter

  • Provide a Name and Description

  • Configure the Message Filters to your needs

  • Structure the Data to be ingested into your Log Analytics Workspace

Some data which you might send to your Log Analytics workspace will include new line characters. To get a valid JSON for every entry, the template engine has a global tojson parser which will apply for all variables you access.

Therefore, do not quote any jinja variable.



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