Server Trust

This is only required if you are using a RADIUS server certificate that was issued by a CA that your clients do not already trust. For example, this is not needed if you are bringing your own server certificate issued by SCEPman.

Part 1: Download the RADIUS Server Certificate

When downloading the Server certificate, use only the green-marked certificate. This will download the root CA certificate of the issuing CA.

Part 2: Adding a Trusted Certificate Profile for your Endpoint Devices

Ensure, you have reviewed Part 1.

  1. Navigate to Devices and subsequently Configuration profiles

  2. Then click Create > New policy

  3. Select the correct Platform for your device

  4. Search the Profile type templates for Trusted certificate and select it

  5. Click Create and provide a descriptive name and optional Description

  6. In the second step, upload the *.cer file containing the RADIUS server certificate/trusted root the server certificate was signed with.

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