Ports & IP Addresses

This page provides an overview of the RADIUS and RadSec public IP addresses and ports


RADIUSaaS provides public IP addresses that allow your network appliances and services to communicate with our service from anywhere via the internet. Thereby, we offer two types of IP addresses that support different protocols and listen on different ports.

RadSec IP Address (TCP)

Not available if the Universal IP Address is available.

This type of public IP address supports the RadSec protocol only. Consequently, it listens on port 2083.


RadSec DNS

The DNS entry through which the RadSec service can be reached.

Server IP Addresses

These IP addresses only speak RadSec over TCP port 2083!

Public IP address(s) on which the RadSec service is available.

A second IP address is shown if we have configured a secondary RADIUSaaS instance for you.


This section displays the (standard) port for the RadSec.


This section is available when you have configured at least on RADIUS Proxy. For each proxy, a separate public IP address is available. The public IP addresses in this section support the RADIUS protocol only and thus listen on ports 1812/1813.


Server IP Addresses and Location

These IP addresses only speak RADIUS over UDP ports 1812/1813!

Geo-location of the RADIUS proxy/proxies as well as the respective public IP address(es).

Shared Secrets

By default all RADIUS Proxies use the same default shared secret as configured in the text box above the Optional Settings section. In case you would like to individualize the shared secrets for each proxy, enable Show shared secrets and configure the secrets as per your needs.


This section displays the (standard) ports for the RADIUS Authentication and RADIUS Accounting services.

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