Intune Certificate

It's also possible to use the certificate which every Windows 10 machine receives from Intune when joining your Azure Active Directory

This setting is optional. In case you are not familiar with Intune Certificates, please do not configure them!

Why we are not recommending to use Intune certificates for authentication purposes?

  • Intune certificates are not supported by Microsoft for other purposes than management with Intune.

  • Validity time for the Intune certificates is 1 year.

  • There is no mechanism to revoke certificates (like OCSP).

Instead of using Intune certificates, we recommend to use certificates from a PKI like SCEPman.

Configure Intune IDs

Use this setting with care. One of the following IDs must exist in the certificate extension 1.2.840.113556.5.14. All other certificates will rejected.

To get your Intune Tenant ID, follow these steps:

  • Press Windows + R and enter certlm.msc

  • Go to your personal certificates. There will be a certificate from one of the following issuers

    • SC Online Issuing

    • MDM Device Authority

  • Open this certificate, go to Details and search for the extension


  • The printed HEX value is your Intune Tenant ID.


The Tenant ID of the following certificate is: bb4397cb6891c64db17f766487518a6a

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