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User management is available under


Devices that use Username and Password for network authentication have to speak one of the following Protocols:

Add a new User

Click Add and provide User Name and Password and choose your Validity. After entering all details, click Create.

CSV Import

To import your users from a CSV file
  • Click on Import(CSV)
  • A pop-up appears, from where you're able to upload your CSV file.
  • Once uploaded, the pop-up displays an interactive table mirroring the content of the CSV file
  • In this table, you are able to manually override values at your discretion
  • Click Create to import the User accounts.
The required columns are Username, Password and Owner
RADIUSaaS does not consider the Username a unique property. This means two or more identical User accounts may exist. Hence, if an error occurs while uploading the CSV file and users have already been created during the partial upload, please delete those users before uploading the CSV again to prevent duplicates.


To Delete users, select all users which should be deleted in the list, click Delete and confirm your choice.


To change a user's password, disable/re-enable a user or select a new validity period, simply click on the eye symbol next to the user entry, change all needed entries and save them.